Wednesday, 9 November 2016

After the most recent Skype conversation on Sunday November 6th, I am inspired and ready to embrace the up and coming challenges of this MA course. I had not overly considered what evidence I would use in order to support the work that I will be submitting and this has got me thinking! My areas of learning will include choreography and therefore, I thought video evidence would be useful to document my evidence. Our tutor Helen described evidence very interestingly as something that you do not have to 'prove'. I felt glad that this was clarified as I was approaching my areas of learning thinking how can I 'prove' that I do what I do. Now with a new spin on this, it appears to be more evidence based such as what documentation do you have that demonstrates what you have done. This struck a chord with me as I now thankfully do not feel that I have to got though all modules trying to create evidence and in fact I can use what I have already...ahhh in essence isn't this learning from what you have already been doing? hence the actual topic of this assignment!! The penny drops!

So, in order to consider my evidence, I have now gained feedback on my areas of learning. They needed tweaking but it was positive in as much as I have somewhere to go with the starting topics. It was advised to me that I need to make my work more about ME than the students so I had to go through my work thoroughly and adapt to these changes. I have decided that I will be looking at the following: 

- My Motivational Influences in Vocational Dance
- Assessment for Dance Development 
- The Challenges of Choreography 
- Communication in Dance Education
- All Inclusive Delivery of Dance

These are the titles I would like to consider but ideally need to get feedback. I find that I am never quite sure with this module - I guess because it is so subjective but I feel I am always questioning myself and whether this is right or wrong, when actually, I don't think there is a right or wrong. Evidence wise, I will look at choreographic images, videos, written communication via email, feedback assessment sheets, a recording of verbal feedback, peer assessment sheets, a recording of my teaching, arranging and outcomes of meetings and whatever else I can find to submit that I believe is relevant to my practice. On the Skype chat, someone suggested a reference which I feel would be quite useful just as an addition to support an AOL. Will keep working on this area and look closely in my working environment to see what else would be useful!

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